Are you future ready?

Everything you do today has an impact on what you achieve tomorrow.
We want to help shape the world that comes.
A world where girls can proudly speak up about their goals, missions, and ideas.
Join us on a journey to your dream future.

We are a non-profit organization supporting teenage girls and students from Central Eastern Europe to overcome global challenges and be prepared for international careers! Join us and let's become future-ready! 

Zofia Kierner


My name is Zofia Kierner, and I have been a social activist since I was 8 years old.

I am a global citizen (born in Poland, lived in a couple of places around the world, currently in the US).

Like most of you, I am full of dreams, passions and goals. And although many doors have been closed to me with the excuse that I am too young, and not experienced enough, I believe that we, young women can make a difference! It is our voice, that can make a true impact! 

That’s why, at the age of 16, I decided to create Girls Future Ready Foundation. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. I hope you will join me, my team, our community so we can grow together!

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HerStory Project

A Mentorship program like no other! 

HerStory Project is the Girls Future Ready hands-on mentorship program where we pair 1 girl up to 24 years old with 1 experienced female mentor who is an expert in her field and together they execute one project. HerStory isnt like other mentorship programs where girls meet over coffee to chat but it is an opportunity to create a tangible final product that girls can then put on their resume and learn concrete skills in their selected field. Every month we announce a new mentor in fields ranging from media to STEM to fashion design and politics! Check out our socials and apply for HerStory!


Along with the project you will also join the community of HerStory girls that we have build to promote female solidarity and mentorship! 


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HerStory Masterclass

1,5h long monthly workshops with some of the most interesting and influential women all over the world! 

Whether you are interested in business, politics, media, fashion, law, medicine, tech, education or more, you will certainly find value in our #HerStory Masterclass series! Every month we announce a new female guest that will join us for 1,5 at an online workshop sharing their career journey, experiences, and knowledge with a selected group of attendees! It is an incredibly valuable experience as you get to interact with the speaker in a small casual setting and learn from some of the most incredible women in their fields! For the most recent Masterclass signups, check our social media! 

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An opportunity to develop English skills by bringing a native English speaker into your classroom!

Using our resources, amazing mentors, and students from the US we created the program #togetherforteachers to help teachers and students in Poland with online English classes! Native speakers from the US will connect with the class during its online learning to enhance teaching, share culture, run conversations.

Students in the US will receive a certification of their community service hours.


The signups for this program are currently closed. Make sure to follow our social media to know when sign-ups will open again!

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Connecting girls from around the world! Join us!

A few dozen girls are now involved in our program to connect girls from Central Eastern Europe and the United States to help build international friendships, motivate to act and learn english through first hand experiences. This program is currently closed but stay tuned for our next draw by following our social media!

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Changing English education around Central Eastern Europe

One of our longest-running projects, Girls English Ready has been active for over 8 years while we collect, deliver, and donate gently used children's books in English from the US to educational institutions in CEE. Over this time, we have collected and donated over 50,000 books to dozens of underprivileged elementary schools, preschools, children's hospitals, and orphanages. 


Want to help out? Organize a book collection at your school in the US? Or are you in CEE and would like to organize a donation event at a local elementary school? Contact Us! 

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COVID-19 Survey/Ankieta

How is COVID-19 impacting your education?

Many sources are painting online school as a success but what does it actually look like from a student perspective?  How is your school responding to the pandemic? Is online learning really effective? Please share your thoughts with us in the attached survey! And please help to spread the word! Awards for participants are awaiting!


Thank you to everyone who participated in this survey! The results have been published on our social media and several news sources!

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Changing schools in Poland!

This program plans to collect information about education in Poland. Head over to our social media to either get to know more about the results of our most recent survey or participate in active surveys!

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Join the Girls Future Ready Community on Facebook!

Here at Girls Future Ready we are big proponents of #womensolidarity and #womensupportingwomen.

And we love to see it in practice: through our projects or simply the support expressed for other women on our social media and different actions. Here at Girls Future Ready we are a community.
That is why we are launching a Girls Future Ready Community Facebook group which will be a place for us to unite, support one another, share our initiatives, be the first to know about new programs and opportunities, participate in themed posts, see behind the scenes of our work, gain support for your projects, and many many more!
Join the community to stay in the loop! And invite your friends!

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SpeakUp! Girl

Let's let our ideas be visible!

The annual Girls Future Ready Congress is where we bring together our community. It's a space to discuss new projects and ideas, promote teamwork, and have fun together!

SpeakUp! Girl is a short speaker-based event where you can enjoy presentations from your peers who share their passions, achievements and dreams live on stage. You will also hear from inspiring women who have been successful in their fields and participate in mentoring sessions with some of the most influential women on the market.

Join us to celebrate our passion for the future!

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Lets connect!

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Zofia Kierner Founder
Karolina BarylskaDirector of Curriculum
Marta CiurzynskaTogetherForTeachers
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Karolina BarylskaGirls Global Ready
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